Residential Water Damage Restoration in Savannah & Brunswick, GA

Unanticipated water damage, often caused by burst pipes or severe weather, can lead to substantial yearly expenses for homeowners. Restoration 1 of Savannah Brunswick provides comprehensive residential water damage restoration for Savannah & Brunswick, GA homeowners. Even after cleanup, water can seep into concealed areas like the back of walls and beneath floors, creating mold growth, mildew, and wood decay. Our skilled team takes swift action after a water disaster to return order to households and prevent further destruction. We possess top-of-the-line tools specially designed to handle water restoration projects in residential areas, regardless of their size or complexity. You can count on us to regain your and your family's peace of mind.
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Save Your Home From the Threat of Water

Even seemingly simple water damage can have hidden consequences that will only worsen if not addressed quickly. Water can wreak havoc on your home's drywall, furnishings, and floors. It can even threaten your health and compromise your home's structural integrity. We provide thorough and rapid responses to residential water restoration services, minimizing all kinds of flood-induced damage. Equipped with extensive skills and experience, our team is proficient in managing a broad range of water damage, including:
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Burst Pipes

Pipes are essential to all homes, which makes them a common cause of water damage. Minor pipe leaks can be difficult to detect, but they can have a significant negative impact on your walls, floors, ceilings, and water bills. If your pipes have leaked or burst, we urge you to shut off your water supply and contact a water damage professional.

Flood Damage

Our area is prone to flooding. When heavy rain strikes, it may begin to seep through cracks in your ceilings and your basement's foundation. This can affect both finished and unfinished basements, resulting in pooling water or total flooding. If your home floods, we will remove the water swiftly and efficiently.


Sewage can invade your home through your bathroom, shower, or other features connected to clogged piping. Sewage is not only smelly and unpleasant but also hazardous for people and animals to breathe. We are available 24/7 for the safety and well-being of your home and loved ones.
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Here’s Why We’re #1 in Restoration

Our dedicated team is here to provide customized solutions for residential flood damage restoration. Comprised of highly skilled professionals, we excel in promptly and accurately assessing issues, offering appropriate service recommendations, and safeguarding your residence from further harm. We are committed to providing ongoing support to our customers when they need us most. You can trust us to get your home back to normal in no time. Discover why we are the trusted local choice for water damage restoration:
  • IICRC Certified
  • IAQA Certified
  • 24/7 Services
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Complete Water Extraction and Home Drying

Getting your water removed doesn't necessarily mean that your problems are over. Residual dampness and moisture may linger within your wood, plasterboard, and flooring, creating additional complications. Moisture can attract unwanted and harmful pests like insects and rodents and cultivate mold and mildew. We deploy industrial-strength dehumidifiers, moisture detection tools, and fans to extract surplus humidity from the atmosphere and materials in your residence to stop the after-effects of water damage.

Your Go-To Water Damage and Removal Pros

At Restoration 1 of Savannah Brunswick, we aim to deliver restoration services that exceed your expectations. We've alleviated the burden of water damage for homeowners across the Savannah Brunswick area and proved our commitment to the customers we serve daily. Our credentials include a certification for Inspection, Cleaning, And Restoration affiliation with the Indoor Air Quality Association. We provide top-tier water damage removal equipment and technology operated by dedicated, certified experts here to serve you. Reach out to our team today to request a service. We remain available 24/7 to address any water restoration emergencies you might encounter.

Why Choose Restoration 1 of Savannah Brunswick?

  • High Standards of Excellence
  • 24/7 Response Time
  • Emergency Services
  • Certified Professionals
  • Locally Operated
  • We Treat Your Property Like Our Own
  • Committed to Meeting Restoration Deadlines
  • Guaranteed Use of the Most Current Code Standards
  • Highly Experienced Working With All Insurance Companies
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Restoration 1 did an excellent job of assisting me with my home repair after I had water damage just before the holidays! The crew were professional, quick, thorough, and went above and beyond in helping me get my home back to normal!
This is the second time I’ve used Restoration 1 to handle a water damage situation, and both times I’ve been hugely impressed with their customer service, attention to detail, and timely response. This company will treat you with respect and do great work.
I seriously could not be any more pleased with the level of service and timeliness of Restoration1. We were able to get our problem inspected, quoted, started, and safely finished all within 1.5 days! The team worked professionally and quickly to make our space safe again.
The Restoration 1 team was very professional and upfront about everything they were doing. Each day they were in our home, they gave us an update on our restoration and always asked if we had any questions. Highly recommend!
While gone on vacation, I had a massive leak in my home. The company came within hours to help rectify the situation. The entire team was extremely professional, fast working in finding the issue, and helped make a stressful situation, a lot less stressful.

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